Electrician Performing Upgrades

In the year of 2017, a report from the United States Fire Administration indicated that over 8,000 businesses experienced electrical fires. In total, the losses exceeded $430 million.

While it is true that most businesses throughout the United States perform standard levels of upkeep in order to properly maintain their commercial property, it is also true that many neglect maintenance and servicing of their electrical systems until a problem develops.

All businesses should schedule electrical system maintenance, upgrades, ensure that they are compliant to electrical codes, and take similar measures to protect their property and all those that visit or work on the premises.

Signs it’s Time for Electrical Maintenance and/or Upgrades

If you are reading this, chances are, you have already experienced some unusual electrical event that has you wondering if it is time for an electrical service upgrade or some type of electrical maintenance. The following outlines the most common signs that it is time to contact a commercial electrician for assistance:

  1. When operating machinery or other types of appliances within your business, you may notice that the lights dim, flicker, or completely shut off.
  2. When using equipment and appliances in your business, you may find that both old and new models unexpectedly shut down while in use.
  3. The electrical outlets throughout your business may prove to be so unstable that you have to start utilizing surge protectors in order to protect those items that are dependent upon the electricity.
  4. You may start to discover that the breakers suddenly start tripping.
  5. If you use a lot of appliances and/or machines in your business, you may need a service upgrade if you find that the available outlet capacity that you have is insufficient.

Why Is My Business Having Electrical Problems?

There are several distinct reasons why your business may be suffering from electrical problems. The following are the most common:

  • Damage – The components in your electrical system may be suffering from some type of damage. Examples of common types of damage include exposure to severe weather conditions, the corrosion of wiring and grounding devices, and prolonged exposure to surges due to a high load capacity.
  • Low Amp System – If your business is located in an older building, it could be that the amp system is simply too low for your needs. According to professionals, even the smallest type of business requires a set up with a minimum capacity of 200 amps.
  • Increased Electrical Demand – If you have recently integrated new appliances, machines, and other electrical components – such as lighting – it could be that you have an increased electrical demand that is placing too much stress on your current electrical system.

Hire a Licensed Commercial Electrician Today

If you find that you need an electrical system upgrade – or even simple maintenance for your electrical system – it is time to contact a commercial electrician.

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