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If you are reading this, chances are, you own and/or operate a business. While it is true that you have a great deal of responsibilities, ensuring the safety of your establishment must be a priority. Not only will enhanced safety aid in saving money, offsetting liability, and increase productivity among those that you employ, it will provide you with a general level of comfort and peace of mind – in terms of operations. In this brief guide, we will cover electrical safety. Continue reading to learn about one of the main components that will lend to the overall success of your business.

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General Electrical Safety

Have you recently checked the electrical system of your business? When was the last time it was inspected by a licensed commercial electrician?

While it may be true that the electrical components in your company may be functioning appropriately, it is essential that you have regular inspections performed and that the commercial electricians performing those inspections perform regular maintenance – and repairs – as needed.

Postponing these activities could result in catastrophic damage to the structure your business is housed in, harm those inside of that business, and negatively impact your overhead.


The first step to ensuring electrical safety is to analyze the lighting that you utilize in your company. Signs of trouble include unusual odors, flickering lights, bulbs that constantly blow out, and the general brightness level of the lights.

Lighting complications could include too many appliances being on an individual circuit, loose electrical connections, bad connections, electrical panel issues, too high of a wattage, and bad wiring.

All of these situations pose severe hazards and should be addressed immediately.

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Circuit Breakers

The circuit breakers within your business are designed to protect the building against electrical-based issues. If a hazard is identified, the breakers are designed to stop the flow of electricity or the overload of power so that wiring and appliances do not experience any damage. This comes in the form of “tripping”.

An occasional stop in a break is actually quite common; however, if it occurs frequently, there could be serious issues occurring. Examples include a short within a circuit, overheating on a circuit, and hot wires that have made direct contact with ground wires.

By having a commercial electrician come in and maintain your electrical system on a regular basis, you can avoid all of these complications from occurring.

Plug and Outlet


The outlets or “receptacles” throughout your business are highly susceptible to wear and to tear. This is normal – of course – but each contain connections that are identified as “hot”, “ground”, and “neutral”.

As time passes, the cords start to fit loosely in the outlets. This is because of the interior metal contacts. When this occurs, heat accumulates and builds up within the receptacle. Eventually, this could lead to fires.

The wall outlets should be inspected regularly to ensure that there are no cracks, discoloration, loose plugs, unusual sounds, and smells that indicate burning is occurring.

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