Electrical problems are more than an inconvenience when you own and operate a business. These issues have the potential to result in production loss, profit loss, and costly repairs.

When an unexpected power issue arises, you can expect to experience some degree of loss and a large degree of stress.

The secret is to identify an electrical issue, enlist the assistance of a commercial electrician, and get it resolved as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of a more serious problem developing – such as an electrical fire or injuries to yourself, your employees, or your customers.

Continue reading to learn about the 3 most common electrical problems that occur in businesses so that you may take steps to resolve these before you face serious consequences.

Power Surges and Sags

These electrical problems are often identified as “power spikes” and “power dips”. They stem from a sudden and momentary increase or decrease in voltage throughout the electrical system of your business.

In most instances, this occurs as a result of lightning during storms; however, there are other situations that may also cause power surges and sags.

These include utility companies conducting a switch over to electrical supply sources, the energizing of large loads within your business, the deenergizing of large loads, as well as major faults within the electrical system of your business. If your business suffers from power surges and power sags, it is time to call in a commercial electrician for a complete assessment.

Breakers That Trip Consistently

Have you discovered that the breakers within your business seem to be tripping on a regular basis? If so, you have a potentially serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately or it could result in damage to your equipment and/or an electrical fire that could destroy your business.

Breakers that trip indicate that the power circuit in your business is using too much energy. As a result, an overload is occurring. In most instances, adding a new circuit or undergoing an electrical system upgrade will resolve constantly tripping breakers.

Flickering or Dimming in Lights

When lights flicker or dim, the issue could be as simple as the need for a new bulb; however, if you replace a bulb and this issue continues, there is something much more serious happening.

In most instances, it indicates that there is a loose or poor connection in your electrical system.

If it is not dealt with, power arching may occur. Not only could this result in complete power loss for your business, it could result in a fire in your establishment.

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