As a business owner, you have many responsibilities. While all of these obligations are essential and hold a high level of importance to the day-to-day operations of your business, the most important is ensuring the safety of the building where you operate your company. An electrical inspection is not only for you and your employees, but also for the vendors, suppliers, and consumers that frequent your business.

One of the most critical aspects to ensuring safety at your business is having your electrical system regularly inspected and required maintenance performed on a regular basis.


What is a Business Electrical Inspection?

A business electrical inspection is an evaluation that is performed within a structure that houses a commercial business. This inspection will review all electrical-based components, wires, and structures to ensure that they all adhere to the safety standards as outlined legally in a given area.

Most commercial electricians that perform electrical inspections in business settings will utilize the information as set out in the national electric code to gauge the safety of said business.

What is the National Electric Code?

The National Electric Code or NEC is a set of standards that is regularly updated regarding the safety of the installation of electrical wiring. The guidelines as put forth by this code aids in the prevention of fires and other types of electrical-based accidents.

Commercial electricians, residential electricians, and contractors utilize the National Electric Code in order to ensure that electrical installations are legal, adhere to all associated codes, and are completely safe.

The National Electric Code is part of a private trade organization known as the National Fire Protection Association.

How Often Should a Commercial Business Have an Electrical Inspection?

Ideally, your business should be inspected by a commercial electrician at least once a year. This is if you truly want to stay on top of things and ensure optimal safety of the structure.

Generally, though, most recommend a commercial electric inspection once every 3-5 years.

Who is Responsible for Electrical Inspections in Commercial Buildings?

The landlord or owner of the property of the commercial business is responsible for an electrical inspection of the business. It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange electrical inspections on a periodic basis. This inspection should include both visual evaluation and electrical testing. This should be done once every 3-5 years and also if the occupancy of the building changes.

Do Commercial Properties Need a Certificate of Electrical Safety?

Yes, the owner of the commercial property is required to provide electrical safety certificates to the tenants of the structure if they make a request.

What Types of Electrical Tests are Commonly Performed on Commercial Buildings?

There are a total of 3 types of electrical tests that are commonly performed on a building that has commercial tenants:

  1. Circuit Breaker Functionality – The commercial electrician will test all isolators, RCDs, and circuit breakers of the building. They will verify that these components are properly maintained and that they are properly labelled. Then, they will test to confirm that the components may be disconnected from the building’s main electrical supply if the need arises.
  2. Protective Conductor Test – This test will ensure that all of the protective conductors that are part of the circuit are working properly and adhere to the legal electrical standards. Furthermore, all will be evaluated to ensure proper connectivity.
  3. Polarity Testing – The test will measure the polarity of the main supply box, the socket outlets, the distribution board, and any type of power supply within the building. This test is performed using a multi-tester or a continuity tester designed for commercial building applications.

What is an Electrical Test Certificate?

An electrical test certificate is a special certificate that is generated by a commercial electrician. It is designed to inform those who evaluate the certificate that the electrical installation, the electrical wiring, and all other components of the electrical system are fully compliant with the standards as outlined in BS 7671.

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