Your Denver business is growing and needs new, updated equipment to keep up with demands.

The current electrical system in your building may be adequate for your present equipment but may not be enough for additional equipment.

If you’re told that electric additions will be needed before your business can grow, what do you do?

You’re going to need a commercial electrician.

Commercial electrical wiring goes beyond the wiring needed in residences, so you would not call the same electrician for your business that you would call to take care of wiring in your home. An industrial electrician in Denver has the knowledge and experience needed to handle the electrical requirements that businesses such as a manufacturer has.

It isn’t just the experience a commercial electrician has, it is also the tools he uses in getting the job done. Working with cables and wires that are able to carry a heavier electrical load requires heavy duty tools. An experienced commercial electrician has the right tools and is more than proficient in their use.

It is wise to have the electrician to check existing wiring for potential problems so that can be addressed while the new wiring is being done. It will be easier and more cost effective to have any necessary rewiring done at the same time as having new wiring for new equipment done.

Once the electrical additions are complete, the electrician can install the new equipment and make sure it is done properly so it functions as it should. This is a time when the vast experience a commercial electrician has is important. The electrician will know how the equipment needs to be hooked up to run properly and can accomplish it in a timely manner so your new equipment is running smoothly when you need it.

Knowing that the commercial electricians Denver businesses trust to do all their electrical wiring, whether it is new construction electric, remodeling electric or electric additions, is Hardcore Electric helps you make the best decision in which company to call for your electric addition.

Hardcore Electric specializes in commercial and industrial electric in the Denver area. All their electricians are well versed in Colorado State electric code, especially as it pertains to commercial and industrial electric. If your electric work requires the use of bucket trucks, Hardcore has their own so you won’t have the cost of renting them added to your cost. Hardcore Electric is among the best electrical contractors Denver has to offer.

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