Faulty Electrical Devices in the Industrial Setting Could Result in the Development of Ear Barotrauma

Ear Barotrauma

If an individual works in the industrial setting and are consistently exposed to the vibrations, frequencies, and other sounds that are often emitted from faulty electrical devices, they could develop ear barotrauma.

There are many symptoms common among ear barotrauma sufferers.

When these symptoms occur, it indicates that there is a medical complication arising in the ears. This is a condition in which pressure that is on the outside of the ear is drastically different than the pressure that is in the inside of the ear.

In normal conditions, there is a balance between the internal and external area of the ear. There is a small tube in the ear that is referred to by the medical community as the “Eustachian”.

When an individual swallows – for example – this tube opens to allow air in. It is sort of like the balancing link when it comes to pressure.

When this fails to occur, the symptoms of ear barotrauma typically start to occur.

Causes of Ear Barotrauma

In most instances, individuals who travel to different areas may find that they suffer from the symptoms associated with this condition.

It is quite common when a person reaches a different altitude than they are accustomed to. Flying in an airplane, jet, helicopter, or even just driving in a mountainous area may cause this to occur.

Those that indulge in water activities, such as scuba diving may also experience this. Then, there are those that experience the symptoms of ear barotrauma because of the fact that they have some type of respiratory issue, or an infection that leads to the development of congestion.

In recent years, it has been found that those that work in close proximity to faulty electrical components in the industrial setting may also develop this potentially serious and highly uncomfortable condition.

Symptoms of Ear Barotrauma

There are many unique symptoms of ear barotrauma. One of the first issues that one may notice in a distinct discomfort in the ear – this may be in just one ear, or in both ears. The individual may feel as if the ears are actually stopped up in one form or another.

As a result, this may result in the inability to hear as well as once could do. There are many different people who also experience dizziness because of the pressure in the inner ear. Pain may also become evident. In many cases, this pain can be severe.

In addition to this, swelling around the ears may occur. Last, but not least by any means, the severe case of ear barotrauma may result in bleeding from the area of the nose, and headaches.


Ear barotrauma is a condition that is experienced by most every single person at one time or another. While this in itself is not a serious medical condition, it can lead into a more serious one.

The symptoms can also be highly uncomfortable for the person that experiences this complication. If you feel as if you may have a case of ear barotrauma, it is important to make an appointment to confirm the diagnosis.

Your doctor may be able to then provide you with a treatment plan to soothe the symptoms of ear barotrauma. If you work in an industrial setting around faulty electrical equipment and components, you should bring the issue to your supervisor – immediately. They will then be able to hire electrical professionals to resolve the problem.

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