Each Year Several Small Business Owners Suffer Serious Injuries Attempting to Do Their Own Electrical Work

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Annually, many owners of small businesses attempt to do their own electrical work – be it the installation of new systems, the integration of new appliances, wire replacements, or simple electrical maintenance – in order to save time and money.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals suffer from serious injuries as a result of lack of training and expertise in electricity. In some instances, small business owners have suffered from such extensive injuries that it has cost them their lives.

It is imperative that you hire a licensed, commercial electrician.

Here’s why.

What Qualifies as “Electrical” Work?

As a small business owner, it is important to know what types of activities constitute “electrical” work so that you are able to successfully avoid those tasks.

The definition comes from the Electrical Safety Act of 2002, immediately under section 18. Based on the information contained there, “electrical” work includes the process of manufacturing, building, going through an installation, the maintenance of, the repairing of, altering of, removing of, and/or the replacing of any electrical-based equipment.

If any of these activities must be performed, it is advised that you opt for a commercial electrician to avoid an issue with one of the most dangerous of workplace hazards.

Doing Your Own Electrical Work is Illegal

Many small business owners do not realize it, but performing your own electrical work is considered to be illegal. This is mostly due to the fact that most individuals that own and operate a small business are not trained or licensed to do electrical jobs.

Not only is the work illegal, but it is very dangerous.

Those that perform it illegally may unknowingly and without malicious attempt leave the job in a generally unsafe state. Electricity may be latent and the issues arising from such a state may not be immediately known; however, the illegal/unsafe work may result in dangers to a business when an electrical fault occurs or over a period of time.

Insurance Issues

In addition to be illegal and potentially dangerous, performing your own electrical work at your business may result in heightened risks. These could result in fire, electrocution, and similar electrical-related accidents and damage.

Any negative electrical-based situation could result in the onset of financial burdens, business loss, bodily harm, and negative social repercussions.

If these stem from you doing your own electrical work, the insurance that you have on your business will not cover any losses that you incur.

If the work was done by a commercial electrician, your insurance claim is not usually refused.

Additionally, most commercial electricians also have insurance coverage that will protect your business from such events, should they occur.

Injuries and Death

There are several types of injuries that may occur to those that lack the skill, knowledge, and license to do electrical work.

These include falls, broken bones, cuts, scraps, burns, and those that are similar in nature. Additionally, electrical work can be deadly.

Not only are medical emergencies time consuming and very costly, it could result in the loss of your business.

Why put yourself, your employees, your customers, or your business – as a whole – at risk? For commercial jobs, contact a professional.

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