Typical contents of a control panel for automated equipment

Industrial control cabinets consist of an assembly of at least two (in most cases, more) components that include either power circuitry and control circuitry. In most instances, these cabinets may include a specific combination of both types of circuitry.

The industrial control panels that are under the UL category of products identified as “NITW” are factory-wired and are the basis of control equipment in the factory and/or industrial setting. Examples of the controls that may be found in such an assembly include switches, motor controls, relays, and similar types of auxiliary pieces.

These types of industrial control cabinets are typically designated for the control of lighting, motors, heaters, pumps, and/or a combination. In this brief guide, we will outline the markings that are commonly found on these industrial control devices.

  1. The first type of marking that may be outlined on an industrial control cabinet is the name and trademark of the manufacturer. This helps businesses that have these in place determine the company that is responsible for the cabinet and the functionality, thereof.
  2. The next marking that is commonly seen on these units relate to the incoming-based supply circuitry. These include the voltage provided by the unit, the amount of phases common to the device, the frequency level, and the overall amount of load associated with the device.
  3. If there is more than one power source associated with an industrial control cabinet, that information will be clearly marked on the device. This is necessary to ensure that those working with or on the devices know that there is more than one disconnection that is necessary to engage in the task of de-energizing the unit.
  4. The rating associated with the short circuit-based current is clearly marked. Either the rating itself is marked with a labeled assembly and/or the rating is established on the unit by using an approved means of identification.
  5. If the cabinet is present only as a piece of equipment that is in place for the purpose and intent of servicing, this information will be clearly marked on the assembly.
  6. A diagram that outlines the electrical wiring contained within the unit is usually present on the cabinet. However, if this is not present, there will be information marked on the unit that outlines exactly where this information is located.
  7. The final marking that may be found on an industrial control cabinet is the information that states what type of enclosure is present on the unit.



Industrial control cabinets should only be accessed, utilized, maintained, serviced, and/or repaired by a professional commercial electrician. However, there are some instances in which the electrician needs to obtain information that is present on the unit. This is where the information contained in this guide will be of assistance. If you own, manage, and/or operate a factory or other type of industrial business, it is advised that you set yourself up with a licensed contractor.

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