The human body is a delicate machine. Electric shocks can be deadly depending on specific conditions, even at relatively low voltages. The amount of electricity that comes out of the wall outlet can be disastrous if you mess around with it. And yes, even electrical gadgets such as home and office appliances that are working off batteries can also cause serious damage.

Our bodies are like a big resistors. Usually, the body’s resistance is high enough to avoid damage when exposed to low voltages. However, there are certain conditions that can lower its resistance including wearing rings, bracelets and other accessories made of metal. Likewise, if you have sweaty palms, you are like to get electric shock.

Here are a few common habits to avoid electric shock. These 3 simple habits are life-savers but are too commonly ignored.

1. Don’t wear metal jewelries.

Rings are out if you are working on electrical wires. Metal is a very good conductor of electricity. Wearing rings or other metal jewelry around electricity is a bad idea. For example, when the skin on your finger is surrounded by a ring (a terrific contact point) and you touch a voltage source, your body’s resistance can be very low. In that state, even a lower voltage jolt could do you serious damage. Leave jewelry somewhere else — including your wedding ring — to avoid electric shock..

2. Avoid working in wet environment.

Never do any jobs when it’s raining, in a damp or flooded area. Even electricians are super careful when working in wet areas, they use protective suits and tools that will prevent any amount of electricity to flow thru any form of conductors, especially water.

3. Respect electricity.

Electricity is invisible to the eye but it can power homes and cause damage at the same time when not used properly. In order to avoid electric shock, make sure to turn off all power sources and remove the source from the circuit entirely before touching it.

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