There are several common electrical hazards that exist within the industrial setting. Electricity, itself, is considered to be a highly serious hazard in the workplace. Employees that work with and around electricity are prone to situations such as electrical shock, electrical burns, electrical fires, and even explosions that stem from electrical components. In the year of 2006, alone, the organization known as the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that 250 employees were actually killed by coming in contact with a current of electricity in the workplace. Since then, several thousand more people have been injured and/or killed as a result of electricity.

According to research, the human body has the unique ability to conduct electricity. In fact, if electricity comes in direct contact with the body and the body is in direct contact with another type of surface that is considered to be conductive, an electrical current may enter the body, flow through the body, and exit from the body at another point of contact. In most instances, the other point of contact is the ground; however, if the victim of the electricity is touching another person or object, the current may be transferred to that person or object. Annually, pain, injuries, and numerous deaths occur as a result of exposure to electricity in the industrial setting.

When a person comes in contact with electricity in the industrial setting, there are three types of burns that may be experienced. These are further identified as “electrical burns”, “arc burns”, and “thermal contact burns”. The following outlines basic information pertaining to each of these types of burns:

  1. Electrical Burns – These types of burns occur when a current of electricity flows through the tissues of the body. In most instances, this only includes the skin; however, there are many instances in which the electrical current may also negatively impact and flow through the muscles and the bones.
  2. Arc Burns – These types of burns occur when the body comes in contact with the heat that stems from an electrical arc or by an electrical-based explosion that occurs in close proximity to the body.
  3. Thermal Contact Burns – This type of burn often occurs when the skin of the body comes in contact with extremely hot surfaces that have developed as a result of electrical conductors becoming overheated, electrical-based conduits, or other types of equipment that is considered to be electrically-energized.

It is a known fact that most electrical burns occur in the industrial setting as a result of neglect in regards to another electrical component. By ensuring that all electrical components are installed properly and properly maintained, you have the unique ability of preventing your employees from becoming injured. We here at Hardcore Electric have the ability to ensure that all electrical components in your industrial business are properly installed and maintained. We work hard to ensure the prevention of electrical-based accidents and injuries in the industrial setting. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your business, click HERE.

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