If you are seeking information on commercial lighting Denver options, you should consider the downlight LED options. These options are appropriate for applications in the small industry setting.

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These specially-designed lights are commonly nestled in a neat fashion inside of the ceiling within the commercial setting. Not only are these lighting sources considered to be unobtrusive, but they are also considered to be a highly effective illumination source for various types of industrial spaces and settings. In this brief guide, we will discuss one of the most popular types of LED downlight bulbs – the LED reflector flood bulb.

The LED-Based Reflector Flood Bulb

The reflector flood LED bulb is considered to be the most common commercial lighting Denver configuration for small industry applications. If you are interested in transitioning from the traditional and highly inefficient common incandescent bulb, this is the way to go. While the shape and the overall dimensions are similar to traditional bulbs, the lighting emitted is cooler, less heat is lost during use, the bulb includes a frosting to aid in the distribution of the lighting and to minimize the glare that is often common in the industrial setting. Best of all, it typically only requires that the bulb be screwed in – no major renovations or expenses.

Factors to Consider Prior to Purchase

Commercial lighting Denver specialists suggest that there are several factors that should be considered prior to purchasing LED downlights for the industrial setting. These are as follows:

  1. The LumensWhen shopping for LED downlights, you should obtain – at least – those that are either 7 watts or 9 watts. According to studies, these produce up to 650 lumens, which is the same as the standard incandescent bulb that is 65 watts.
  2. Color TemperatureColor temperature – in terms of LED downlights – is measured in Kelvin degrees (K). If you have a desire to integrate white light into your establishment, you will want to opt for those that are 3000K. If you are looking for a bluer-based light or a light that resembles natural sunlight, you will need to look for bulbs that have high Kelvin degrees. Anywhere from 4000K to 6500K is considered to be ideal.
  3. Color RenderingLED bulbs have a specific color rendering index. In the case of reflector hood downlight options, 80+ is considered to be ideal for most small industry applications. However, for those seeking higher levels of light, it is best to opt for a CRI anywhere from the upper 80s or higher.
  4. LifeLED downlight bulbs have a rated life. In most instances, this averages around 25,000 to 35,000 hours.
  5. CertificationWhen choosing LED downlight options for small industry applications, you should always opt for the certification of “Energy Star” as this will save your company a massive amount of money.

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