Commercial Lighting Denver Services

If you are a business owner and/or project manager, you have likely come to the conclusion that the initial costs, yearly electrical costs, deciding on lumen outputs, the accuracy of color rendering, replacement frequency associated with choosing the proper commercial lighting sources for your needs is an exceptionally difficult and overwhelming task.

We here at Hardcore Electric offer commercial lighting Denver services that help take the complication out of the endeavor and offer you a high level of efficiency for your business. If you are ready to transition to functional and efficient lighting in your company, continue reading to learn how.

Regardless of your lighting needs – whether you are seeking to illuminate the area where your employees and/or customers park, the warehouse where you manufacture goods, or the outdoor areas of your business, you have many commercial lighting Denver options.

Examples include fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, and even metal-halide lighting. If you are opting for a highly efficient lighting, you may want to opt for anything other than metal-halide lighting as this type results in a high level of energy consumption.

According to studies, these types of lights decrease by approximately half in lumen outputs once about 40% of its officially-rated lifetime has passed; however, the lights will continue to use 100% of its energy. We recommend LED lighting when it comes to businesses seeking to increase their overall efficiency.

One of the main benefits associated with the installation and utilization of LED commercial lighting is that it is offer in a wide range of styles that assist in customizing the appearance of your work space without having to completely renovate the structure.

Hardcore Electric has the capability of retrofitting existing light structures so that they are compatible with LED lighting. While fluorescent lighting is efficient, there is a high level of rigidity when it comes to installation. By choosing LED lighting for your business, you will have a higher level of flexibility when it comes to the design.

By opting for a warehouse fixture – for example – of a 120w LED light, you have the capability of experiencing approximately 75% in savings on electrical costs. Additionally, these types of lights emit a significant less amount of heat than other lighting options.

As a result, your cooling costs will also be reduced within that warehouse.

If you are ready to make a change that could save your business thousands of dollars each and every single year, contact us today and make us your preferred commercial lighting Denver specialist:


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