Lighting is a critical component to safety, comfort, and productivity in the commercial setting. Find out which types of commercial lighting is best for your business.

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What Are the Benefits of Commercial Lighting?

There are numerous advantages to the installation and usage of commercial lighting. A known fact – lighting in the commercial environment may exceed a total of 20% of electrical consumption.

If the proper lighting is placed within the building, this percentage drastically declines and energy costs may be lowered significantly.

The proper lighting may enhance productivity levels, optimize safety within the building, reduce lighting maintenance costs, and result in lowered levels of carbon-based emissions.

Everything is really about lighting….”Robert Denning

How Can I Get the Best Lighting in My Business?

In order to get the absolute best lighting for your business, you will need to hire a commercial electrician to perform a thorough assessment.

The electricians will evaluate the existing lights within the structure, acquire an understanding of the basic operations of the facility, and determine your budget for the endeavor.

Then, you will be presented with various types of commercial lighting, be educated on any rebates that are available, and will receive information on any lighting associated incentives for your business.

What Types of Commercial Lighting Upgrades Are Available?

Throughout the past ten plus years, commercial lighting options have mostly surrounded fluorescent lights, high intensity discharge lighting units, and incandescent lighting. In terms of fluorescent lighting, these are best for low-bay regions and have a long-life span.

High intensity lighting for commercial applications are commonly utilized in high bay areas. Examples include those regions where there is a large amount of production space and even warehouses. These have a long life and are very bright.

Incandescent lights typically have a low life span and use a lot of energy, so they are no longer considered to be ideal for commercial applications.

Are LED Lights Good for Commercial Use?

In recent years, LED lights have emerged as one of the most cost effective and highly efficient lighting types for commercial environments.

These lights are versatile and may be used in both the low bay areas and high bay areas of your business.

These types of commercial lighting typically use 50% less of the energy than the previously mentioned lighting options.

Not only does this save on your electrical costs, but it also reduces your overall costs of operation.

You may opt to replace your bulbs or you may opt for retrofitting the existing light structures within your business when opting for LED lighting.

How Do I Get the Lights Updated in My Business?

Hardcore Electric in Denver, Co has the tools, skills, and knowledge to update the lights in your business. You simply start the process by contacting us today.

Not only will we do a complete assessment of your current lighting and business, we also have the capability of recommending operational improvements that will allow your business to operate at maximum capacity, while reducing your overhead costs.

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