Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial energy audits are wonderful tools in identifying expensive energy drainers within your business. Today, our nation is facing vast arrays of economic turmoil. There is a high level of uncertainty among all industries. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that your operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Being able to withstand the difficult times will be heavily dependent upon your company’s ability to reduce unnecessary expenditures. This could mean the difference between continued operations and shutting down your business.

One of the most productive means to reducing a lot of commercial-based expenditures is to have a commercial energy audit performed.

The Commercial Energy Audit Explained
A commercial energy audit is a specialized process where an energy professional or auditor assesses the building that your business operates and all components therein in order to identify opportunities where energy and money may be saved. Additionally, a commercial energy audit refers to the report or result of an energy assessment. The report that results from the actual commercial energy audit will aid in reducing the energy costs within your business, if you elect to follow the information it provides. When you have this type of audit, a professional auditor will visit your business and conduct the following steps:

  1. Typically, the commercial energy audit will start with an interview with the manager or management staff.
  2. Immediately after the interview, the lighting system within the business will be inspected.
  3. The heating, air conditioning, and other type of ventilation equipment will then be evaluated.
  4. Controls and machinery that is responsible for refrigeration, air compression, water consumption, and similar products will be evaluated.
  5. Any other type of energy-drawing equipment will then be evaluated.

Potential Energy Savings
Once the commercial energy audit is completed, the professional auditor will determine what types of energy savings may be experienced by your business. You may be provided with tips on potential savings in any or all of the following:

  • The Lighting System
  • The System and Controls of the HVAC Systems
  • The Compressed Air Units
  • The Energy Applications That Use Renewable Energy
  • Motors and Drives That Are Electrical
  • Steam and Water Units
  • Processing Units/Systems

Massive Savings
According to statistics, many commercial energy audits may result in a savings of up to 50% for many businesses. On average, though, most energy audits result in a savings of up to 25%. Once you have the energy audit performed on your business, you may find that you need to invest a little money in order to adhere to the advice stated on the final report. Keep in mind, when making these improvements, you are not only setting yourself up for a massive amount of long-term savings, but, that you may also get to deduct many of these expenses.

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