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What kinds of services do commercial electricians provide?  

Commercial electricians perform different services than they provide for homeowners.  Sometimes it is the same kind of work, just on a bigger scale.  In other cases it is electrical work that has to be done to different code than on a private residence.  Take restaurant electrical work, for instance.  Building codes pertaining to electrical systems for restaurants are usually far more rigorous.

What kinds of jobs do commercial – industrial electrical contractors normally perform?

Electrical contractors who specialize in commercial or industrial jobs usually focus on the following:

  • New commercial construction.  (All of the wiring and boxes for, say, a new factory or restaurant.)
  • Rewiring jobs and remodels.
  • High voltage electrical work.
  • Generator panel service.
  • Lighting design retrofitting.
  • Electrical additions due to expanded requirements.

Commercial electricians even do telephone, data, and network rewiring jobs.  Of course, all commercial electrical contractors do regular service contracts for their business clients as well.

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