If you own a business, it is imperative that you work to ensure that your company is not caught in the dark because of electrical-related complications. Only a commercial electrician should be enlisted to wire, maintain, and repair wiring and electrical components within a business.

According to a figure released from the U.S Fire Administration, electrical wiring problems result in excess of $800 million dollars of damage each year. Additionally, hundreds of people lose their life as a result of faulty electricity or working to install, maintain, or repair electricity.

It is exceptionally important to identify electrical-related complications and – if these problems are identified – to hire certified commercial electricians – like those of us here at Hardcore Electric – to help you solve those problems.

The following outlines the signs that it is time to have electrical testing performed at your business:

  1. While it is common for a circuit breaker to trip – on occasion – within a structure, it is not a good sign if it continuously trips. If you find that a breaker is constantly tripping, it is typically indicative of the fact that it is experiencing an overload, which, also means that it is exceeding capacity of that which is considered to be safe. Additionally, a continuously tripping breaker could indicate that there is a short within the electrical system. If this situation is not dealt with by a commercial electrician, it could result in expensive damages and/or a fire.
  2. The next sign that it is time for electrical testing in your business are flickering and/or buzzing lights. If you change a bulb in a light fixture and it does not resolve either of these issues, you could have a wiring problem. Commercial electricians will be able to quickly identify this issue and resolve it once they complete their electrical testing.
  3. If the outlets in and/or around your business are hot, emit a buzzing sound, or have any type of char or burn marks, it could indicate that you either have loose wiring or faulty wiring. While this may seem like an easy fix, it is best to allow a commercial electrician to perform the testing and repairs.

While seemingly very common issues, the three signs outlined in this guide should be remembered if you own, operate, and/or manage a business. If any of these situations arise, Hardcore Electric is standing by to assist you. We will start by conducting electrical testing.

Once we identify the problem, we will inform you of the steps necessary to resolve that problem. We will also be able to provide you with an estimate of the costs that your business will incur. We offer the most competitive prices and the highest level of expertise of any commercial electrician in and/or around the City of Denver.

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