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If the power goes out, how would your business be affected? Of course, power outages affect every business during business hours but what if it happens during the night when the business is closed? Many businesses are simply inconvenienced when clocks need to be reset, etc. Other businesses can be severely affected if they have items that must be kept cold or frozen at all times. In some cases, climate controls going offline can cause serious loses. In these cases, it is vital to have a backup power supply to keep your business from suffering a loss due to an extended power outage.

Backup Generator
A backup power supply for a business is not the same as having a generator for a backup at home. It has to be able to handle a much heavier load and be installed correctly so it runs properly and can be switched on quickly and easily. To make sure your backup power supply is appropriate for your needs and is installed correctly, you will need to have the best industrial electrician Denver has to take care of it for you.


Before you buy a backup power generator, consult with Hardcore Electric to make sure you get one that will handle everything you need it to handle. Getting the wrong one is as bad as not having one at all and could be worse. With the appropriate backup selected, Hardcore will make sure it gets installed properly. Though the backup power won’t operate on electricity, it will be supplying electricity to your business so the wiring is just as important as any other wiring in your building.


Whether your business manufactures frozen food, stores cold or frozen food or is a medical lab storing temperature sensitive specimens, you can’t afford to lose power for more than a brief time. This makes a backup power supply an investment that makes a huge amount of sense. Then you also need to protect that investment by making sure it is always ready to run when it is needed. Have Hardcore Electric, among the top commercial electricians Denver has, to inspect and maintain the wiring from the backup to the areas of your business it will keep operating during power outages.


The next time lightning, wind or something else causes a power outage for your business, will you be worried about a huge loss or will you rest easier, knowing you have a properly installed backup power source keeping your business in good shape until power is restored?


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