If you own and operate a storage facility, you have uncovered a wonderful means of creating a passive income. This is an industry that has taken off in the last several years. In the United States alone, the self-storage unit space reached a whopping 60 million square feet in 2020 and continues to grow.

Facilities charge an average of $1.20 and up for each square foot of space provided in the storage industry. Once the units are in place, very little must be done to run a self-storage unit except the collection of rent on those units.

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The simple fact of the matter is, that there is always a way to improve upon your business and increase your earnings.

In the storage industry, one of the most productive measures you may take includes adding electricity to the units that you rent out.

By doing this, you will find that you are able to take the units and transition them into an automated money-making machine! There will be a bit of an initial expense. In short, this comes down to a commercial electrician. You want to ensure electricity is installed safely and to codes. That is it! Here, we will outline the benefits of having electricity installed in your self-storage facility.

1. Climate Control

The first advantage to having electricity installed in your facility is that it opens up the opportunity for you to offer climate-controlled storage units. It is a known fact that excessive heat can result in vast arrays of damage to belongings.

Melting, fading, and even warping are all issues that individuals find that they experience when choosing a standard storage unit with no climate control options. In addition to providing a safe place for belongings for your customers, you may also charge more for the space – which puts more money into your pocket from your business!

2. Attracting Businesses

If you have a storage facility that has electricity running through it that may be accessed by your customers, you will instantly attract businesses that require additional space.

This provides an area that is climate-controlled and safe for storing tools, equipment, files, and even excess inventory without fear of damage. Plus, those with electricity have better levels of security.

To optimize this opportunity, you could even make a special section, especially for businesses that want climate control, enhanced security monitoring, and access to outlets. Once you do this, you will quickly find that your profits soar!

3. Artists and Hobbyists

In addition to attracting businesses, having electricity added to your storage facility units will attract artists and hobbyists that require a safe, climate-controlled area to store additional products.

Examples include paints, scrapbooking supplies, crafts, musical instruments, files, and projects.

The electrical aspect of your business will provide people and groups with areas where sensitive items may be safely stored – without cluttering up their homes. Additionally, it prevents many – such as bands – from having to rent expensive office space for additional storage.

4. Family Heirlooms

All families have heirlooms that they want to keep safe. If storage units have electricity, they are more likely to choose those areas for storing special items. Examples include family pictures, frames, artwork, and furniture.

If you offer climate-controlled units, you will find that many individuals are attracted to your business because of the need to have a space to store antiques and other items of value.

5. Additional Rooms

If you include electricity in your storage facility, you will be able to create spaces that people may use as rooms.

These include recording studios, places to rehearse music, or similar activities.

Now, there will be some measures that you will have to take – legally – to create these types of spaces. Once you do, though, you will instantly find that you attract people and groups that are willing to pay large amounts of money to access the areas.

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