We here at Hardcore Electric would like to announce that our new website is up, running, and ready for you!

Our completely new design and interface come together to offer our clients the most extensive information on our services, specials, and more!

Through the redesign and revamping of information, you now have direct, premier access to the information, services, and products that are necessary and relevant to your business and your industry.

The updates to our website include a modern design that is highly responsive. This means that it is accessible to both mobile users and desktop users and includes the fastest loading speeds. We know, understand, and appreciate how valuable your time is and believe you should have the quickest access to information that is relevant to your business electrical needs – be it a commercial business or an industrial business.

In our new website, you will discover that the structure of all of our content has been improved and that you now have access to a wealth of the highest quality information on electrical services and all related topics. Additionally, that information can be accessed much faster. We feel that the new design and structure will help create the absolute best experience for the clients that we serve and all those to come in the future.

As you visit the website, you will first be presented with contact information so that you can quickly reach us. As you continue, you will have access to our sections on UL listed panels and our custom panel service. Immediately following, you will to see a video where our customer service is rated as “5 Stars”. In this video, you will learn just why we were rated so high and how we can assist you with all of your electrical needs.

We here at Hardcore Electric are locally owned and locally operated in the great City of Denver. Our specialty is electrical projects for the industrial and the commercial sector. We have been considered to be an area leader for several decades now in both standard maintenance and service. Additionally, we take great pride and strides in new electrical-based installations. If you require electrical work for remodeling, expanded your business, or in a new building, we help with that, too!

In exploring our newly designed blog, you will quickly gain access to a large wealth of information on a wide variety of topics. These include agricultural electrical services, signs it is time for electrical assistance, UL listed panels, DIY electrical work, common issues that negatively impact the electrical functionality of a business, and even information on electrical topics for residential units.

Our newly designed and restructured website is about more than just appearances. It is about you – the end user. We wanted to provide you with the best information, at the highest speeds, and in the most constructive layout possible. We encourage you to browse through the new site for information that is relevant to you.

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