Industrial-electrician-SwitchgearIf you would like for your company to have a competitive advantage, you should hire an industrial electrician. This is especially true if your company depends on digital-based and electrical-based mediums in order to operate. It does not matter if you are running a center that specializes in data management, starting a call center, or specializing in marketing, reliability is exceptionally important as it relates to data, electricity, the optimization of energy, and automation. Hardcore Electric is here to help you in every aspect of your business. Our industrial electricians are are thoroughly trained and highly qualified to handle all of your electrical needs. Continue reading this guide to learn about all of the advantages that we may offer you and your company.

Consistent Service
By allowing us here at Hardcore Electric to handle your industrial-based electrical and energy needs, you will have the distinct advantage of having consistent, around-the-clock service. We specialize in emergency situations and our response time to such situations. We know and understand that energy-based issues and problems are detrimental to the functioning of your business. If problems are obstructing the flow of your business in any way, our industrial electricians are standing by, ready, and waiting to handle those emergent situations. Consistent service is a highly distinct advantage of hiring an industrial electrician for your company. We are available when you need us to be available. We work on your schedule, not ours….

Thoroughly Trained and Certified
The next advantage to hiring us at Hardcore Electric to handle your company energy needs and issues is that we take special care to hire only the absolute best candidates for our positions. Each of our professional industrial electricians are qualified in that which they are assigned and are trained to ensure that your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Furthermore, our technicians are trained to protect the bottom line of your company. On average, each of our industrial electricians have decades of experience under their belt. Additionally, they are encouraged to continue their education.

Underwriters Laboratories Certification
The next advantage of allowing Hardcore Electric to assist you with your company’s energy needs is that we hold the official Underwriters Laboratories Certification. We are identified as a “Control Panel Shop”. This means that we are able to create electrical control panels within the United States and Canada. We conform to both the “National Electrical Code” and the “Canadian Electrical Code”. We know how to use various types of electrical components and we understand the environmental ratings, the electrical protection methods, and specialize in practicing under the highest standards when it comes to safety. If you are searching for a way to have a competitive advantage over others in your industry, you should place your efforts on hiring industrial electricians that know how to get the job done and offer you numerous benefits. Hardcore Electric is capable of all of this and more! For more information on the ways that we may benefit your company, simply call us today by dialing: 720-841-3897

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