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If you own and/or operate a farm and are in need of electrical services – such as installation, maintenance, or repairs – you will be pleased to know that we offer a multitude of services tailored just for you. Our extensive knowledge, our educational background, and our skills allow us to commit our time, resources, and services to the agricultural community. We know and have a comprehensive understanding of all electrical systems that help fuel our local farm community and a wide variety of agricultural programs in and around the community.

The Complexities of Today’s Agricultural Industry

We here at Hardcore Electrical identify the fact that – throughout the past several decades – the agricultural industry has grown to be highly complex.

The advancements of farming technologies and other components that aid in the production of the industry such as irrigation systems, water pumps, storage facilities, fertilization systems, and feeding systems are no longer dependent upon manual labor, but upon electricity and electrical-based equipment.

You cannot trust just anyone to handle these critical components to your agricultural business. You must enlist an electrical contractor that has the training, skills, and expertise to install, maintain, and repair these systems.

We here at Hardcore Electric offer all of that, and more!

Electricity Powers Productivity

The agricultural operations performed on your farm cannot occur without electricity and its associated systems. These uniquely-designed systems must be appropriate for the machinery and other electric-based components that are part of your farm.

Everything from the water that is used to cultivate your crops, the automatic feeders that are designed to provide nutrients to your livestock, and the lighting systems that allow you to observe your farm in action must be operating properly and efficiently as possible to ensure the productivity of your business.

Electricity does not just power all of the machines and systems of your farm – it also powers productivity.

We here at Hardcore Electric can help provide the boost you need to perform optimally in the agricultural industry.

Maximum Savings

As an owner and/or operator of a farm, it is essential that your current electrical system is audited and inspected to make certain that you are experiencing maximum savings – in terms of operation costs. We here at Hardcore Electric have the capability of assisting in establishing new installations, restoring old electrical systems, and upgrading current electrical systems.

We come backed with extensive training and years of experience in working with electrical components associated with the agricultural industry.

Hire Us Today

We here at Hardcore Electric are certified, licensed, and bonded in our industry. If you are in search of an agricultural electrical contractor, you have found us!

We not only offer the latest and greatest in installations, maintenance, and repairs, but we also offer the highest-quality materials, and the absolute best customer service of any electrical contractor in and around the area.

We specialize in all agricultural electric – be it dairy barns, manure separators, feed processing, grain drying, livestock buildings, hydraulic cattle shoots, or milking parlors.

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