energy saving tips for businessOpening, running, and maintaining a business is a highly complicated and potentially difficult venture. When considering all of the costs that you will incur, you will find that it is even more challenging.

Examples of such costs include the compensation that you provide to your employees, the benefits offered to those that work at your business, the products that you must purchase for successful operation, and numerous other expenses.

One of the most productive measures that you may take to reduce your costs is to reduce the amount of energy that your businesses uses.

In this brief guide, you will be presented with 3 energy-saving techniques that will aid in reducing the energy costs associated with the operation of your business.

1.       Organize Practices That Focus on Energy Efficiency

The first step to reducing energy consumption in your business is to ensure that you organize practices that focus on ensuring the highest level of efficiency when it comes to electrical usage. First, you should consult with your electrical company to determine which times of day are considered to be “off” or “low” peak times of energy usage. Once you establish this, you should only opt to use electricity during these times as it will cost less.

Additionally, you should encourage the employees of your company to be very efficient with electricity. They should be encouraged to keep lights and devices off and unplugged, when not in use. In exchange, you should offer initiatives in exchange for low or decreased energy usage.

2.       Have an Energy Audit Completed

The next step to ensuring energy efficiency is to have an energy audit performed. The company that completes the audit will determine how electricity is being utilized and will provide you with information on how to reduce the energy consumption within your business.

The company may suggest replacing the existing bulbs in your business to CFLs or LEDs, they may suggest motion-activated lights, or may even suggest using the sleep feature on the computers within the business.

3.       Utilize Programmable Devices

The third and final step in optimizing energy efficiency within your business is to use programmable devices, when possible. Examples of these devices include thermostats for heating and cooling, automatic shut-offs for machines that are not in use, and light timers.

If you own, run, and/or operate a business, energy efficiency should be of the highest importance. The steps contained within this guide will help you eliminate a lot of the expenses that you incur. We here at Hardcore Electric are able to assist you in all of your electrical needs.

We have the experience to help you organize practices that focus on energy efficiency, aid in an energy audit, and may help you install and utilize programmable devices.

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